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Amp Confusion

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I have several amps that I love. I have one that I almost sold recently. I used it last night at a gig and fell in love with it again. I took down my Craig's List ad and now can't wait to use it again.

Why am I so confused about amps and my sound? Seems like I go from amp to amp... searching for something that I already have.

Is this a kind of musician's disease?


Rick Honeyboy Hart

"It's about tone, taste, and technique... in that order."

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That's funny, Honeyboy. I'm not necessarily an amp-geek, but I can totally relate to your experience. For some reason, every now an then, I get really dissatisfied with my sound and then I start experimenting with all kinds of stuff (pedals, etc.) - only to realize that the best sound (for me) is usually just to plug the guitar into the amp and nothing else in between. It's like a revolving door, doesn't seem to stop ever. 8)

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ah, the quest for TONE. it can be endless, futile, or rewarding. I play many styles and finally have a rig where I can be happy.......this month.
the ear always seems to be searching. enjoy the journey and don't take it personal. I think we all want more and more.