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Another struggling beginner

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Hello everyone....

This is my first post and I'll tell you a little about myself. At 60 yrs old, I picked up my first instrument ever just one year ago. I bought a New Mexican Fender Stratocaster from a local music store. They sold me some lessons and I've been seeing this teacher about every 3-4 weeks. He gives me plenty of material to work on. Of course I never master all of it but I can play it slowly with some expected mistakes. I made an emotional buy a few months ago with the commitment to this new hobby of a Gibson Les Paul Standard in Heritage Sunburst Cherry. It was way too much $$ than I needed to spend but a $3800 guitar for $2300 was a deal on a beautiful guitar I couldn't resist. The Gibson sits in its case with only an occasional fondling while I abuse the Fender. I started practicing about 1/2 hr a day for the first 3-4 months then increased it to an hour, sometimes more. As of the recent month, minimum an hour, sometimes up to two hours a day. I'm trying my best to put in the time and effort and recently re-strung the Fender myself. That was a satisfying experience.

Now I feel like I'm in a slump. My teacher has given me a set of finger exercises he said I should be able to do in 3 minutes. I can do them in 4 minutes but real sloppy and if I take my time and do a good job, in just under 4 and a half mins. I've been able to do all the chords he's given me (24) but only have a few memorized (A, C, D, G, E, and F). As of the last month I have been doing this finger exercise over and over, timing myself and not seeing any improvement. At this rate I won't be able to play blues until I turn blue in my casket. I'm considering augmenting my teacher with a second teacher to get opinions and coaching. Is this a good idea? Another thought is to change teachers all together or would that be a step backwards? I'd like opinions from those who have gone through this. Do I just suck it up and stand my standard course? I prefer an in-person teacher cause I want to get the most out of my time. Any comments and criticisms are welcome, thanks.....

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We don't have your name, but yours is a common problem. Lessons every 3-4 weeks isn't really enough; my students come to me each week.

I'm in the UK - 5 hours ahead of New York - and happy to have a look at what you've achieved so far. Let's work out when would be a good time to make contact and let's get something in the diary. Skype me at [email protected] (the studio laptop) and we'll have a look at what's going on. Alternatively, Zoom is good for video conferencing; let me know if you'd rather use that and I'll send you the link.

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Hey brother, 

My name is Judge H.  Seriously. Not a nick name.  But anywho, I have been playing for over 25 years. Id be suoer happy to sit with you on a regular and show you how easy it is to be a master of your instrument.  Im not saying your current guy isnt a great guy, but he seems to be milking you.   Like giving you 3 mi. Time limits and stupid ideas that o ly put people in boxes, then thry get so discouraged they didnt get it in that 3 min. They give up all together.  Yes, guitar is an art. And like with every art you have to find your voice in your playing. I can do this for you. Because id expect nothing more from you but to have fun and enjoy what you are doing.  

Im not sure if I can give my number. So hit me back and we can talk.  I live in Olive Branch. So find out how close we are.  Ill even teach you what i know over skype or facetime.  Whatever.  So hi me back and know you are in good hands brother.  

All My Best

Judge H.