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another way to practice: close your eyes and play!

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Hello guys! Just for fun and challange myself I've performed the Bireli Lagrene's solo on Cherokee keeping my eyes closed all the time..
Have you ever tried to do so as well?
Practicing this way allowed me to improve my consciousness of the fretboard and pushed me to play more with my mind/ears than my eyes.
I hope you enjoy!

Please let me know your experiences/thoughts about this here and feel free to help me adding a like or a comment below the video if you wish =)

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Great. I'll definitely try this out.

Another way would be to practice in a completely dark room without any distractions, keep your eyes open but try to feel music without using your eyes.

Here's another motivating article I found about improving guitar practicing routine:

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This technique is interesting :D Will definitely give it a try. I feel it will work nicely.