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Anyone own a Gibson ES-225 or ever heard one?

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Does anyone out there currently own a Gibson ES-225 or ever heard
one? I found one at a local guitar shop with two P90s and it sounds
and plays great!!!

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There are some user reviews for that guitar here:

Harmony Central Gibson es-225

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I am familiar with those. Some had two P90s and some had one. It is a thin single cutaway hollowbody. The cutaway is pointed. The very earliest ES-225s had that weird trapeze bridge/tailpiece combination. Later ones had a separate bridge and tailpiece.

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I've never played one, but for a little bit of history, that model was made betwen '55-59. Also, the one-pickup model that hobsonator mentions was considered something of a dog. The single P90 was placed midway between the typical bridge and neck positions -- obviously most single pickups went at the neck position. Anyway, that single pickup model apparently didn't go over to big.

I just wanted to chime in because I'm a proud owner of a '53 Gibson L-50. It's an acoustic archtop, and like the ES-225 is not considered a particularly "collectible" (read valuable) guitar. Now, ask me if I care. I love the funky old thing.

I'd just say, if you like it, it sounds and plays good, and you can get it at a reasonable price -- go for it. It will be a good conversation starter.


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