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Anyone Self taught?

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I am self taught, for the most part. Took lessons for a year and I'm glad I did.

Been playing around 5 years, I like the way I play for the most part (I just finished Classical Gas) and it's something I'm glad I took up. Music has taken me farther than I ever hoped it would.

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Im Self Taught, And New to this forum. in ten months i was sloppy and slow, im nineteen now and been playing ten years And i blow away anyone in the little town of Ste. Genevieve MO!!.. i i'd try devoting more time like five hours a day till your fingers are numb if i were you.,. if you dont have that much time then just learn every note on every string and all the basic chords by heart and you'll be set. now that im lookin at it that sounds kinda hard. lol Good Luck And Keep Jammin


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i've been playing 18 years. i've learned from many sources, including lessons, which i never enjoyed or got much from. i'm good. i have no plans on taking lessons in the future.

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How long have you been playing? 33 years
How well do you think you play? Eh
Have you ever considered taking lessons? Why/why not? No - just do not like the idea

I have been playing a long time, i know a fair amount of songs that are mostly chords and strum. I know some harder riff based tunes like SRV Lenny, but I am a slave to TAB as i do not understand chord structures and such. I just recently bough Griff Hamlins Blues Guitar Unleashed DVD set and are working through it. THAT is helping a TON. I am finally starting to understand the fret board. This little bit ok knowledge has brought the fun back into guitar for me.

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How long have you been playing? Been playing for 9 years now.

How well do you think you play? Hehe, Iet me put it this way: I'm going to be learning for all of my life. New worlds open to me every now and then so i think i'm ok. But.. There are SO MANY different styles that you can't really be good if you consider yourself as a musician who's playing guitar rather then a guitar player:)

Have you ever considered taking lessons? Why/why not? Well, it's never too late to take some lessons.. :)

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I'm "self taught," mostly. I played on and off as a teen, but didn't get serious until about three years ago. I'm far from a teen now, and am in a line of work where scheduling regular lessons just couldn't work. (I haven't been in the same city for two consecutive months in 2010. By the time I found a teacher, got settled into a routine...time to say goodbye.)

So I "teach" myself. BUt thats' a misleading term. I learn stuff from online writers, from friends I jam with, from the occasional guitar magazine.

And even if you have a regular teacher, the work of learning to play is all yours.

Even if you never have a teacher, you have many teachers, in the people you play with, the people you listen to, the people you talk to about it.

How good am I? A lot better than I was. Not as good as I'm gonna be.

Whether you're self taught or have a teacher or teachers, how good you can get isn't dependent on that. It's dependent on other stuff. Jimi Hendrix was self taught, for the most part. And a guy I know had ten years of lessons and sucks nearly as bad as me.

It's not about the teacher, its' about the student.


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