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ASAT Classic Tribute?

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I’ve played guitar for the last 15 years but I’ve never owned a Tele-style guitar, despite always wanting one. My main guitar is a stock 2007 LP Classic Antique, and I also have a strat-style partscaster guitar. I’ve been itching to get another guitar lately, and a Tele or an SG (with P-90s) are at the top of the list.

I know the Tribute series ASATs go on sale for $300 or so all the time. I’m not on a tight budget, but I’ve heard great things about these guitars and if I could scratch that Tele itch at a steep discount, I’d love to. On the other hand, if I’m instantly going to want to upgrade parts and swap pickups, I’d rather just save up for an American Tele, higher-end ASAT, or a boutique build from someone like Nash. What are the sub’s thoughts. Is the Tribute line good for its price, or is it good period?