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Audio interface Decision-Suggestions Requested

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I am deciding between getting an M Audio Fast Track or a Samson C01u microphone (a condensor microphone that conntects directly via usb.)

Any suggestions?

On one hand, the c01u option might be limited a choice if I want to purchase a different microphone in the future, and it can't really be used on any non-computer system. On the other hand, since I don't see myself having money to upgrade my old Pearl dynamic microphone, perhaps the C01u will give me better quality.

Also, could I use the fast track to listen to music, ie. use it as an external-soundcard? That might influence my decision since I listen to a lot of music and the fast track over the c01u might save me money of buying a sound-card in the future.

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Dont know a lot about these gadgets you mention. However, what I have finally managed to purchase is an external soundcard with a built-in mic preamp (Direct Mix USB3 - can switch between guitar/mic) and a Shure mic.

Didn't cost to much (bougth the sound card second hand) - and gave me a no-latency soundcard - good for recording - and a mic I can use both for recording and live performance.

The standard problem being on a budget is that one tend to go for sub-optimal solutions initially and then upgrade later, making the total higher than it could have been... Poverty is expensive :(


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Thanks :)

Nobody else has anything else to say? x.x It's a fairly broad topic isn't it? x.x

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I've had the fast track for almost a year(christmas) and I can say i have been fairly happy with it. Actually its funny this post came up cause I was just thinking tonight how glad i am that I got it. I'll do pros and cons:

Super easy to use
1/4" and XLR
Acts as a really good soundcard when used with headphones(I dont use my soundblaster anymore)
Simple volume controls are nice and quick to set recording and output volumes

1/4" input is slightly quiet
WISH it had 2 of each input for L and R(Biggest thing)
Only does 24-bit/48Khz sound

So in conclusion,
Yes it is a sound card and a pretty good one in my opinion. I use it with headphones but its could be used in a 2 speaker setup. I would look at maybe the Fast Track Pro if you can afford it or at least something with L and R inputs with both XLR and 1/4" for both. I sort of solved this problem by getting a mixer(but since it doesn't have L and R 1/4" inputs I have to mix the channels before hand).

SOOOO in real conclusion,
If its all you can afford yes get the fast track over the microphone. You can do so much more with both types of input Like voice and guitar at the same time.

If you have any other questions I will try to answer them,