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B-Day Cash Ideas

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Hey Guys. I am Having My B-day In middle May and I have been thinking about future items. (Basically Gassing over everything)
Anyways, I have two major hobbies. Guitar, And Nitro Powered R/C Cars.
I am getting about 700 Bucks for my b-day. I dont know how much I need for each hobby but I figured I'd Start with guitar first.

In the range of about 350-400 dollars, I need to work on deciding what I should get.
I definatly Need a recorder. I want to be able to record myself playing metal, and in metal i mean distortioned out so I need a recorder that can record with the crunch stuff. Possibly a Computer Program, or an actual recorder like Boss or Tascam.. (your opinion needed)

So other then the recorder I would like to put two Seymour Duncan SH2 SH4 Jazz Style Pickups for $130 in it. My guitar Teacher said he'd swap in my new pickups for me for 50 bucks. So i need 200 for pick ups.

Ok, So far we have a recorder, two Seymours, and I would like to get two new foot pedals. A new Distortion box that is really high quality, something cool like a new like a flanger or delay to play around with.

Ok, So Im posting this for a couple reasons.
I need To find a very good sounding recorder, two foot pedals that are High quality, possibly fill in something else ( whatever you guys reccomend) and my two seymours for around 350- 400 bucks. Is that possible?? What do you guys think about recorders? Any Ideas for what you would buy for your Guitar if you had 400 bucks?? Thanks for all your replies.
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