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Background Guitar at Wedding help

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So my aunt got engaged recently, and has asked me to either provide music or do a reading in the church. Naturally, I chose to provide the music at her reception. However, I have no idea where to go from there. Im thinking of singing a few songs but is mostly has to be calm, relaxing acoustic guitar playing in the background. Does anyone have any ideas? This is completely new to me :lol:

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I do lots of weddings.


Ask your aunt if there's any music she'd specifically like - favourite songs/ tunes. Learn them.
Loads of practise before the day. Start now
Write down your running order
Make sure you have your music, Capo, spare strings, tuner, bottle of water, extension cable for your amp.
Get there ahead of time to set up.
Make sure you have your Public Liability Insurance - some venues won't let you even set up without seeing it.


Forget it's their day, not your gig
Play too loud. Everybody will want to talk to each other without having to yell to be heard over you.

But - most importantly - don't forget to enjoy it.

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