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Backing Tracks

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Little help here. I am looking for - I think it is what I need/want - some quality backing tracks. I have searched and down loaded some of the free stuff but I guess you get what you pay for. All I really want are drums and bass (real sounding) to jam along with. Some of the web sites that charge for their tracks don't seem to have what I am looking for and their samples just don't crank my tractor. I play blues Hendrix/SRV/Clapton kind of stuff and classic hard rock. Maybe I just need an easily programmable drummer and bass player :P

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I am just a beginner, but I bought Band in a Box and find it is just that. You can just enter the chords and make numerous selections, and a backing track is born. I find it is great playing along to it and it is really helping me with tempo. Much better I find than trying to follow a metronome.

There are far more features in this thing than you can poke a stick at. Eventually I will get round to using them all. You could be as creative as you like with it. I believe it is used by professionals to back them, but this might just be hipe. Someone else out there may know more.

Oh yes, they use real drummers, so it doesn't sound mechanical like a MIDI generated track.