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Behringer USB Guitar

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Looks like Behringer came up with a great idea or copied it from someone: USB Guitar allows you to record directly through a USB port to your computer. This is one of those "I have to get one just to try it!" sort of toys!

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So basically it looks like you get a guitar, usb cable ( that possibly does some sort of impedance matching?) and software for $149.99. I wonder if they would just sell the packaged virtual amp and effects software separately? I believe that I have seen guitar to usb interfaces in the $40 - $50 range before, but I don't think they came with any software package to speak of.

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I really like the simplicity. With just a guitar and any reasonably modern computer you can just go record, and you don't have to worry about the quality of the computer's sound card or anything. I wonder if this guitar is good though.

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I wonder if this guitar is good though.


For just under $100 one can now get Guitar port and a variety of other pretty good USB audio interfaces. Combine one of these with Audacity (if necessary) and one's favorite electric guitar (or a microphone, as most support XLR too), and one has a setup that's more flexible, USB powered, and not tying one down to a single, low cost instrument.

OTOH, if I needed a low cost guitar to take traveling, this might be a good candidate given the headphone and USB interfaces. Replace the neck wood screws with inserts + machine screws, add a capo to hold the strings in place, and it becomes a travel guitar that can be broken down to fit in the overhead compartment.

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