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Bending Question

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When you "bend" a string, does that mean that you push it up against the string next to it? Any help would be appreciated.

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That would depend on what your target note would be. When you push or pull the string to make the pitch higher, A target note is bent to the proper pitch. The higher pitch is what we call the target pitch or target note. Sometimes you can't or don't always hit the pitch your bending to first. This is where practicing bending is important. While your practicing bending you might as well get started on these they include single-string bends, double-stop bends, ghost bends, unison bends, and oblique bends.

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You push the string up, in order to acheive a higher note in a more interessting or quicker way, its not simpley pushing it up to touch the string above, although thats the result you bend with any height -
One whole bend means you push up the string till it reaches a note 2 frets higher. And in the same way, you got 1/2 bends, 1 1/2 etc.
It seems hard to push em up so high at first, but it soon becomes 2nd nature.

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Cool link, Forrok_Star. Good info.

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