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Best Guitar Amps (Combos Only)

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I am looking for a good loud amp for a guitarist. He uses lots of effects, and I notice that some amps have tons of FX, and that reflects in their price. I need to get a 15-100w guitar amp, minimal FX options (he uses tons of pedals), in a price range between $100-300. Also, headroom is a MUST. He has a very nice distortion pedal (Sparkle Drive) and I think the best option would be to have a ton of headroom. Also, portability would be nice, but not a must. It's just that occasionally we will be gigging, and would be good to have a somewhat lightweight amp 30-50lb. I heard that Peavey, Marshall, Bugerra, and Vox are good amps, but some of the better ones are out of the price range. If anyone can suggest an amp of these companies within the price range, thank you.