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Best Les Paul "Knock off"

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You kind of have to watch out for PRS guitars nowadays. They make awesome stuff, but they also make some really low end things as well. They are kind of diminishing their brand IMO.

You can't go wrong with a Heritage or a Kiesel. Both of these companies pay attention to their quality and really build their instruments well.

I would also recommend anything out of the ESP custom shop. I'm not a big ESP guy, but I've played a few of their custom shop guitars and they were really nice.

Obviously, this all depends on what type of sound you are looking to achieve.

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Am asking for experienced opinions on the LTD256 lemon drop ( by ESP)as compared to say an Epi standard LP. Imo, there is a noticeable difference from an epi standard to an epi pro version with pro bucker pickups. I am a beginner so looking for input on tonal quality and all around playability.

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