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Best way to learn finger picking?

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I have been teaching myself strumming since this march. I now want to start trying finger picking. What are the bast ways to start teaching yourself fingerpicking? are there any drills that will help me get better? tell me anything you can on the subject pls.


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There are lots of good books you can order, that is one of the best ways to learn. Years ago I was interested in Ragtime guitar and picked up a good book (can't remember the name now). But it had about 15 classic Ragtime songs in it, starting with very basic fingerpicking and getting very advanced at the end. I spent at least one year on that book and learned all the songs, by the time I finished I was a very good fingerpicker. Trouble is, I have not spent much time at all in the last 10 years or so fingerpicking, so my skills have diminished.

But go to Hal Leonard or other sites, you will find many good books on the subject.

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There are some good starter lessons on this site to get you going with patterns.

Get yourself a thumbpick - I prefer one with a short blade rather than longer.

Once you get some of the patterns down, go back and play your previous songs with the
picking pattern. Then try changing from pattern to something more freestyle.

But it begins with patterns.

In many ways it's much like learning to touch type. Takes awhile to get the aim and timing right but
it's well worth it.

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