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Best way to speed pick?

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Hi there,

I am a primary fingerstyle player, and am looking into the world of faster playing. I was on Reddit and saw this video on speed picking:

I've crossed referenced this video with some others on YouTube and the points the instructor makes seem legit, i.e. slanting the pick slightly, alternate picking (obviously), and practising the string skipping quite a lot.

I want to know what your experiences are with speed picking, and if you have any other tips on doing it?

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Speed picking is all about economy of motion. Trying to conserve every small movement, so you can attack the strings faster. I think the video has some pretty good tips. One more thing that I would add is to practice with a metronome. Make sure you are practicing the technique right before you try to speed it up. Remember, practice doesn't make perfect. Practice makes permanent. You do something wrong enough times, it will be cemented in your playing.

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Hey man check out my video about how to play fast. I'm teaching for 15 years and try to share my experinces about playing and learning how to play fast.
I'm agree about economy of motion but to minimize your movements you should start practicing with bigger movements and than your picking motion will minimize in time by itself with speed.
Lots of guitar player using arm for picking just because they are minimizing picking movements in the beginning of the process.
And I would like to add one more think; please don't use your picking hand pinky on the guitar body when practicing. Because that will minimize your movement. If you try to walk with crutch you will get use to that and your muscles not going to improve :)
Hope you like my video