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Blues Pedals

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Finally finished with all my beginner lessons, and making good progress in Intermediate Styles (Blues) Lessons. I love the Texas Blues stuff (SRV, etc) and I'm starting to learn other Blues greats riffs. I recently got a new 2012 American Standard with the Custom Shop Fat 50's pickups, and it sounds amazing. My amp is a Fender Blues Jr. modified with a Celestion Cannabus Rex speaker, and it made a world of difference. I'm trying to find my own tone and was curious what pedals might be popular among other Blues players. I was considering the Ibanez Tube Screamer like SRV used, but I've got a Digitech Bad Monkey, wich has decent overdrive, so I guess it's pretty similar. Are there others that I should consider that might be more for the Blues style. I've been primarily focused on just learning, and been playing everything clean, so I'm really just venturing out in this area.