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Boss DR-550mkII Drum Machine...Any Experiences?

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I just won this Boss DR-550mkII Drum Machine from eBay. I already have a basic drum machine but it's not programable...just prerecorded drum tracks that you can change the tempo with. I am hoping with the Boss I can do more song specific stuff once I learn the in's and out's ot programing it.

Does anyone have any experience with this machine? I have the manual I downloaded from Boss's site but I can't tinker with it until I get it!


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I have an older version of this, the DR-5. It works very well and programming it is a lot of fun.

BUT it is time consuming and you have to have a lot of paitence with both the machine and yourself. Part of this, for me, is the fact that I don't spend a lot of time tinkering with it. If I took off a month and did nothing but play around with it, I know that it would get a lot easier. I just don't have the time (currently) to do so.

It's a very versatile machine and I use it all the time for my home recording projects. I'm even using it for a few of the drum tracks for the CD of the bass book I'm finishing writing.

Hopefully, though, someone will have experiences with your exact model.