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Buying a New Guitar...
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Buying a New Guitar!

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After about 4 years with my first guitar, a Yamaha FG700s, I'm ready to step up to a new guitar. Most importantly, I'm looking for something with solid wood on the front, sides, and back. I'd also like it to be cutaway and have a built-in pickup. I play mostly folk guitar, usually fingerstyle, so I've heard OM sizes are often preferred for that.

What are some good models to consider? I've run across the Seagull Artist Folk Guitar and the Martin OMCPA4, has anyone had any experience with either of those models?

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No experience with those models. When I bought my acoustic I had a similar requirements and I also run across those brands. Finally I got a Martin D-15 and I'm very, very happy with the guitar. Seagull are great guitars, too.

Concerning the size, the concert size has a different tone but, I agree, those guitars could be easier to play. Try both (really try as many guitars as you can).