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Buying a New Guitar

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Nate Olson
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I have decided to buy a new electric guitar. I currently have a Squier Bullet Strat. I like to play indie/alternative and rock. I have a couple of questions:

1. Is it worth getting a new one? I know this is a question of opinion, but I want to know if my Squier Bullet is a decent enough guitar, or if getting one with higher quality one with more features would benefit me.

2. Has anyone seen any good guides on choosing a guitar? I want to get a Fender strat by the way.

3. Is there a specific line of Fender guitars (i.e. American Deluxe or Artist) that would be very cost-efficient, but also have good features?

4. I was looking at the Deluxe Players Strat, but is it worth the upgrade? What is even the difference (other than the advanced switching) between the one I have now and any other guitar?

Nate Olson
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I chose a wide range of guitars, and I was wondering if someone would be able to compare the pros and cons of the guitars in this list: (It would be GREATLY appreciated)

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I play a Carvin DC400A. Carvin manufactures in the United States and ships directly to the customer. because of this, you can get a high-end guitar for a very reasonable price. Check them out at Good luck!

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The made in Mexico standard strats are oftentimes just as nice as their USA counterparts. But if you want a genuine USA, I'd recommend looking on eBay and finding one from around 2000 (giver or take a year or two). They were making them just as good then as they are now, and you can often find them for around $750, which isn't much more than the new standard strats, which are running around $600 if I remember correctly. I used to love playing strats and have owned quite a few USAs and MIMs. My favorite were the MIMs with Floyd Rose bridges.

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If you are planning on buying a new guitar or replacing the guitar parts, then you should do a thorough research about it. There are various manufacturers and brands which claim to offer to genuine products and you should check those properly. FaberUSA gives you a complete guide about the guitars and its various parts and also you can buy from their online store.

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I am extremely partial to Ibanez guitars. I just really like they way they feel in my hands. I particularly like the Jem. That being said, it's not the most affordable guitar. I have to say that Carvin/Kiesel guitars are probably the bang for the buck. They are really well made and extremely reasonable for the price.

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Check out the G&L. They are the best "Fender" clones around. Especially since the company was founded by Leo Fender. Some argue that they are even better than Fenders.


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I would first look at a reseller and/or craigslist.

I got a 2017 Gibson Faded T in mint condition from a reseller. Normally a $800 guitar for $550.

Look used first. You can find some great deals. I know it's difficult to think your baby was touched by someone else, but think of it as broke in already.

If you're not finding what you need, then look new.

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Have you tried brands like Hagstrom or Charvel? the make amazing guitars and not so expensive.

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