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Can it be a Mental Thing?

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Believe it or not, this is what I learned from Will Smith from one of his interviews -

There are 2 things that will make you succeed - Talent and Skill. Talent naturally comes within you. Skill, on the other hand, requires you to spend hours in beating your craft.

So if you have a natural talent in playing guitar, then it's easier for you to pick it up. But if you don't have one, it's still achievable through spending lots of time in practicing your guitar.

So what does this mean to you? If you think that you don't have the natural talent, then keep practicing, and you will eventually get there. :)

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Yep, it just takes longer.

Most "Naturally talented" children tend to burn out by the time they're 20; the School system doesn't teach about handling the pressures of staying at the top of the game.

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I think key is slow it. Never play it faster then you can play it easy and perfect. I don't care if its crawling. Use a Metrodome and swith from say A to D. (Like weights in high school) if your at 80bpm whole notes. And your able to turn it up one notch each day. 81 the next. In a a month your at 120bpm whole notes. Go back to 60bpm and do half notes. In 2 months your doing 90bpm in half notes. You may be able to jump up quicker then that. But you HAVE TO PRACTICE THAT DAY TILL IT BORING EASY. Then just a click, or 2 if it feels like you can. But you have to also do practice that next day till its boring easy too. I did this for a bit when younger and jeted up on scales. Then I stupidly stoped and just was happy jamming. I'm still pretty decent, but if I would of stayed with that, man. I had this great Jazz guy Wesley teaching me this way down in South Fl in the 80. He used to be with Miami Sound Machine. But that didn't show his abilities at the time. Now he's faded some (saw some vids) but he ripped in the 80s. To make it funner just do two chords of a song you know, but start in slow motion.

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I wouldn't say natural talent applies because even if you dont work hard "talent" can only take you but so far. when i began learning chords i read this one article the teacher said to place your fingers on the chord and while keeping your fingers in the chord shape take it off and on the fret board. try doing this in the dark. (If what i said made any sense). This worked for me and don't worry it took me a year to master open chords everything is always at your pace. But try the game rocksmith, hat helped me alot with chords and other techniques. I'm also an athlete and even with talent you still have to practice twice a day for two hours to better yourself.

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