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Can't get tube amp ...
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Can't get tube amp to sound good.

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Sup all,

I'm having an irritating problem with my effects processor and my tube amp, a Digitech RP100A (I know, cheap piece of crap but the price was right) and a Peavey Classic 30 (quite an older one, at least over 5 years). I've got a cheaper Ibanez as well (SA series, but it works).

The effects sound great through headphones when I'm trying not to wake up the neighborhood, but when I plug into the amp the effects lose alot of the mood I get through the headphones. I've tried tweaking the limited EQ in the pedal, tweaking effects parameters, and on and on... but it just sounds like crap no matter what I do.

I'm guessing theres probably a few reasons why the setup sounds so bad:

1) Cheap effects processor (not to slam Digitech but it IS a low end processor)
2) Bad pickups in the guitar?
3) I like to use modulation effects (chorus, flangers, etc) so maybe I should get tubes better suited to that end?
4) Bad speaker in the amp?

I'm not running the effects inline, I'm using the effects return jack for that. At first I hooked it up inline and after hearing it, I was like "Wtf!", lol.

Maybe I should be using analog effects through a tube amp or does that even matter?

One thing's for sure: no more multi-effects processors for me. I'm gonna try a chain of dedicated units soon...

If anyone has any insight/advice I'd love to hear it. 8)

EDIT: Oops, did I post this in the wrong place?

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