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caposlide? new concept

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If I understand you correctly you would tune the guitar to an open tuning and slide this device up and down the neck with one finger. I have seen this before on the internet. It works good for kids. It gets them intersted in playing and they play simple songs fairly quick. I will look when I get home to see if I can find the website.

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Don't knock deep sockets, they're great slides.

It's a rare thing that I use a capo, though.

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If I understand correctly, you are proposing that the capo does double-duty as a slide holder?
Perhaps using a mechanical clip or magnetism or something?

Is your premise that there is often a need to drop and re-acquire a slide quickly (and repeatedly) during a song?

My gut feeling is that to sell, your invention would have to be more convenient to use as something like this. As well, as being a similar price increment above the cost of a normal capo.

I am not trying to shoot your idea full of holes, but rather to help you think it thru a bit further.
Who knows, this could make you your first million if it is well done and fully thought thru.
Or not.

yeh basically this. i think i came up with the idea because i have been writing songs where i have been doing this sort of thing but i guess its not really going to be done that often by many people.
i have to go through with it now as im studying engineering and this is part of a big project that i have to do. but i would be interested to hear any ideas people have for any kind of tool for the guitar!

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Its not that we are discouraging from developing a new tool. Who knows the caposlide turns out to be a hit.

Just develop it and send me a free copy for testing. 8)

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