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Career Advice?

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I play guitar and sing (taking lessons for both). I really want to go into a career in music and I know it's very difficult to make a living on performing alone. So, I've been thinking about music recording. Would I be able to balance a career in music recording and have a solo career on the side? I feel I'm a very musical person and I really enjoy playing. I feel like doing music recording alone (because it's mostly technical) wouldn't fulfill my want to create and perfom. I still want to do recording because it would give me a steadier income and I'd still be in a musical enviroment. So, my question is: would I be able to balance this recording career with a solo career?

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Yes, you could.

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There are a number of artists who double as producers, engineers and other positions in the recording industry. Likewise there are people who one first thinks of as producers who also have recording projects of their own. It's rare to walk into any recording studio (especially the smaller ones) whose staff aren't working on their own projects in their spare time.

Good luck!

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You definitely can! I have a friend who has performed for years and years who built his own recording studio firstly to be able to record his own music, and secondly to make money. He's been successful at both for about 10 years now!

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old Willie Nelson does it :D

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old Willie Nelson does it :D
And Alan Parsons is another notable.

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Yes of course you can. It's all about the drive you have for making it happen and about learning what you need to know in order to make that dream a reality.

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