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Circle Picking

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Anyone do this or try it...I've been playing with it a bit. Its hard to just use your fingers after your using to picking from the wrist. Gives a cool and different tone from regular picking.

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Some explanations I've read say to use fingers (in a circular movement) plus the wrist to double one's picking speed. I find it uncomfortable.

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Well when I am trying to pick my fastest (I think I have heard the term tremolo picking although I don't think that's correct) , I am using using a wrist-arm combo for picking. Although when picking otherwise I use circle picking. I find that it gives me more control.

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Yeah, tremolo picking is the correct term. It's also the original meaning of "tremolo", and if you said "tremolo" to a classical musician, they would think rapid notes, almost like a trill.

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this may be a stupid question but what is circle picking? sounds interesting

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Alternate picking where the point of the pick moves in a circle instead of back and forth. In theory it's faster, because the pick never stops moving to reverse direction. Like Greg, I find it awkward... good alternate picking/economy picking techniques will get you plenty of speed, and circle picking doesn't seem a good fit for a lot of the stuff I do (string crossings, etc)

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Its strange, but I find I do it naturally, especially when sweep picking. But only at extreme tempos. as soon as i notice that im doing it tho, i mess up. oh well.

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Dick Dale is the god of tremolo picking!!


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