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Connecting a guitar to pc

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Hi! I would like to know that how ll guitar rig 5 sound if i directly connect my guitar to the laptop through the line input audio channel without amp?

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I'd use an audio to USB interface and go that way.

I use some very old Edirol UA20 interfaces, I don't know if they are still being made, but if not I'm sure something newer, similar and probably better is out there.

They have a guitar impedance matched input, and by using a USB port you bypass the limited bandwidth of the sound card's audio input, have no impedance mismatches (cleaner sound) and no static possibilities if that tiny little phone plug gets bumped.

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Well other then a lot of odds and ends Im mostly working on "Carolina In my Mind" And in down time I work on polishing up "Norwegian Wood" what is the first song that I have been eaven close to being able to play for other people.

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I'd use an audio interface also. I use an Audio Kontrol. If your amp has a line out or phones output you could use it. Some pedalboards also have USB and line out outputs.