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Considering a Varia...
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Considering a Variax...

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Okay, I am about the furthest person from extremely knowledgable about electirc guitars as a person can be, and still play guitar a little.

First off, if this is the wrong place to post this, just please let me know where is the right place.

Anywho, I was at music store yesterday. I want to buy an electric guitar (my first), so I was looking for something really cheap. I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for, and I found a few sounds I kind of liked, but...nothing really decisive (my gf found a bass she's in love with, for under $300, in, like twenty minutes. Lucky little midget... :D ). I'd been reading up about guitars (when I'm curious about anything, I research), and I stumbled across variax. I was about to leave yesterday, when I noticed they had one. I'd already packed up the cord I was using, so I figured I'd read some reviews before I tried out something that complicated. Besides, I was trying for about $2-300, and the Variax 300 they wanted $500 for, or $900 for a 500. But, I got to thinking, if I liked the sound on even a couple or three settings, and the detuning thing worked well, it would be worth the extra price. I mean, bloody cool if I could play metal on a guitar that also sounded like an acoustic. And switch tunings in between songs! Totally worth the extra couple hundred. If it works well.

So, I just wondered if anyone on here had played one, and had any opinions. I don't want to buy it and get to tinkering and find out that I bought a toy, not a serious instrument.

But, if it works, I was looking for something new, and this certainly seems to fit the bill. Would be cool...

Please, opinions, I'm begging.