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Converting guitars....
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Converting guitars...the real story?

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I wanted to bring this topic up once more if i may. I'm a lefty and first played on a converted hondo...tough, but worked for me and I took my lumps with it...made me a better player. Recently I saw an ad in Acoustic Guitar mag for Epihone and it showed Paul McCartney with his acoutstic Epiphone and it was obviously converted.

I've heard various opinions on whether you can get a decent guitar out of converting one to a lefty...what's the real deal?

Adding in: I don't give a shout about how it looks with the pick guard on top...just talking about tone and keeping it in tune (which I also heard is a problem with converted gits).

What's your opinion?

Thanks everyone!


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A good luthier can convert most guitars and you'll end up with a good instrumnet. Obvious excpetions are things like half-cutaway archtops where the shape of the body won't be right (or left as the case may be).

A bad luthier can screw up anything, including a conversion, to create a guitar more suited toward kindling than music.

Good luthiers can usually undo what bad luthiers do, but not always.

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