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counting and playing together

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I wanted to see if anyone has any tips for me. I play with a few people and seem to get lost in concentration when it comes to keeping track of how many measures I'm jamming/soling to. I admit that non-verbal communications and visual cues are not my(our) strongest attributes. What do you all do to keep track and get synched up with each other?

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If it's just a free form jam then I'm not sure if there is a better way than communicating visually with a hed nod or just saying something like "One more time around"

If it's a cover you are doing then you shouldn't really need to give any cues the rest of the band should know when to come out of the solo.

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listen, feel where you are. don't just focus on what you're playing, hear what you're playing in the context of the whole band and song. unless you're playing over an endless one-chord vamp, the song structure and how the rest of the band is playing should tell you where you are.