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Creative strumming/Chord progressions

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Morning all...

ive recently started writing my own songs and as a consequence have been exploring various chord progressions. Having a lot of fun with it but im kind of stuck in a rut with what im producing ie. 4 chord verse, 4 chord chorus repeat...fade (all the songs ive penned so far follow this pattern so my first change in direction is to write something that follows a differenet structure...btw im a lyrics first chords later person!). However for the handful of songs that do follow this structure i was wanting to spice them up a bit and add some variation to each one. The ideas ive been messing around with are muted chords as in "Jimmy Jazz" by the Clash, quick UDUD strokes as in "Thats Entertainment" by the Jam and arpeggios.

Are there any other tricks to turn a basic chord progression into something a bit different?? Any ideas would be much appreciated!


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