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Dear Prudence, the Beatles, help!!!

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Matt, I think I've found an efficient solution to your problem. This tab looks accurate and includes the four guitar parts:

Dear Prudence.

This tab is also right on the mark:
Powertab Dear Prudence

To read the first you'll need to download the demo version of GuitarPro -- which Arjen always recommends highly.

You can download GuitarPro's free demo at
Guitar Pro site and Powertab's entirely free editor at:
Powertab editor.

I think you'll find the guitar parts on these tabs very satisfactory.


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I leave out the d on the sixth string when I play it. I think it sounds allright. The only problem is I get alot of squeaking from the strings when I slide to a new position. It must be time to change strings or get some finger grease

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This is the tab I use for 'Dear Prudence'. It uses DADGBE tuning. And, I use just the standard PIMA for fingerpicking. Hope it helps!

Thanks for the tab. I've always liked Dear Prudence but never tried to play it. I printed this out last night, took it home and amazed myself by almost playing it through cleanly (I've only been playing for about 8 months now). Beautiful song. Thanks.

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You are most welcome. Happy to be of service!

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  1. maybe an irrelevant reply to an old thread, but I think the drop d drone is absolutely essential to the song. It was written about Mia Farrow"s sister while the Beatles were in India visiting the Maharishi. That drone defines the atmosphere of the song, especially if you let it buzz a little on your nail just an opinion.

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