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Dm7diminished somet...
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Dm7diminished something something chord or maybe a C# thing

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I need somehelp finding a chord.I am currently recording some extra guitar tracks for a song I recorded a few months ago.I want to put an acoustic track down but I am trying to find a chord shape thats different from the original guitar track.
This is the original chord shape:

A string: 4th fret
D string: 7th fret
G string: 7th fret

What I am looking for is the same chord that will sound nice on the acoustic.

You can listen to the song here
The songs called "Anymore"
The chord I am after is the second chord in the verse,its basicall a slide down from the D.

Hope this makes sense to someone!



P.s. I'm not too hot on guitar theory so if you got any ideas on what else could be played over the top let me know.

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Hmm C# A D
maybe an Asus4 x02230
or a Dmay7 x00222

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I haevn't got a guitar in front of me, but just from my habit of trying to get open strings into acoustic parts, I'd try xx023x for the D, sliding into xx022x for 'that' chord (D5/C#?). You could include open A in both to thicken them out too, if it sounded better.

Nice track, by the way, still listening to the rest now :) - Guitar Chord/Scale Finder/Viewer

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Dmaj7 might work: xx0222