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Do you have problems dropping your pick when you play?

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Hey Guitar Noise,

I'm doing a school project and was wondering if you guys could answer a question for me- Does your guitar pick slip or do you lose grip on it when playing guitar?

Thank you for your time!

Alan Green
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Sometimes. I keep plenty of spares within reach

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Yep, happens all the time. Lots of players have extras lined up on their gtrs, on mic stands, anywhere convenient using double-sided tape and other tricks.

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Haha, yes this happens all the time - especially on stage when your hands are sweaty. Extra picks on your guitar stand, in your pocket or on a nearby amp is a good idea...or do a Jack White and deliberately bring one pick on stage and then if you lose it, panic and play the rest of the set with your fingers as punishment!

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Happens from time to time, but as I've played more and more over the years it's happened much less. Maybe once in every ten or 15 gigs I'll drop the pick. I always have spares close at hand, so if I can't see where it's landed immediately I grab another. I think this happens more often when you don't use the same type of plectrum every time you play. You can also get some picks with textured grips to help prevent slipping.

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When I first started playing I was horrible with it, I have gotten better over time, but it happens to all of us.

First thing, don't have a death grip on the pick, I had started a habit of doing this cause I got frustrated dropping picks. It made it worse because then my playing suffered.

Keep a few picks on hand. I have my personal preference in picks (Dunlop Tortex .88 Green) so I buy them by the box. knowing I am going to lose them, give them away, etc. etc.

What I did at first to help me was take a safety pin, and scratch up the pick where you make the contact with it. it gives a rough surface to help keep it steady. as you improve and continue to play, you will just will no longer need to do it.

Will you drops even after 20 years of playing.. Yes, but not as often.

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What I noticed from my own experience is that I used to drop picks back when I was holding it in 1 position nomatter what and how I played.
Recently I came to realization that different techniques require different ways to hold a pick.
So if you constantly adjust the way you hold it it's very unlikely you'll drop it.
And visa verse.
If you are not comfortable with holding your pick or just not sure how to hold a pick when playing a certain lick with a new technique that you haven't practiced enough, yea you might easily drop it.
So, my answer is: get used to holding pick in all sort of positions from all angles and sides, this way you will forget about dropping it;)
I recently collected some thoughts on this topic into a short article on
Hope it helps you or anyone else with this problem.
Let me know if you have any questions.