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Does anyone know......
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Does anyone know......

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Any brand of either acoustic or acoustic/electric that has a similiar feel to an electric guitar. Meaning the lower action and easier to finger. My father is interested in upgrading his current guitar and wanted some advice. I believe he is looking to spend up to $600. Thank you.

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Meaning the lower action and easier to finger

Action is adjustable so a reputable shop should be able to create a nice low action on any undamaged guitar. I adjusted the action on a guitar once myself with good results, but I took my new guitar to the local shop and the result was spectacular. From now on Ill drop the 42 bucks they charged me any day for a quality setup.



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check out Ovations...very electrically oriented

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Alvarez also puts a somewhat thinner neck on their acoustics.

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I believe that at least the neck of my Fender Newporter is quite comparable to a Strat. Action is different, but experimenting with strings I *think* you can get a pretty electric feel to it.

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For electric/acoustic guitars that feel electric, I don't think you cango wrong with a Godin. VERY electric neck.

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try a carvin, they have rapid play necks, and all of their guitars are great sounding a reletivly cheap

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Do not get a Strat acoustic or whatever they are called.

Thin, ugly sounding things (like most Fender acoustic guitars (IMO) , but worse, much worse.)

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Get a hollowbody electric like this:

Epiphone Casino

This is a great guitar made famous by the Beatles, John Lennon in particular.

These guitars can sound like a true acoustic, but they can Rock too.

A budget semi-hollowbody with a great reputation is this:

Oscar Schmidt OE30

Guitars like this are the best of both worlds.

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