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Me and my friend are starting a band, im playing guitar and he's on drums, what are some simpler songs with guitar and drums in them? also, what are the tabs, thanks alot everybody!

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How skilled are you and the drummer, e.g. whats the hardest song you can play properly (name a few). Also look at the easy song database, though that won't really help your drummer. Also if you search for more topics like this you may find your answer.
Hope you find something suitable.


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Go down to Easy Songs on this forum. Click on ESD (Easy Song Database) Index at the very top. There you will see a large list of songs submitted by members here. Some show tab, others will just show the chords and lyrics. Look for songs you already know, that makes it far easier to learn.

Have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. :D


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Just a guitar and a drummer eh? I think the White Stripes(just a guitarist and drummer) would be the perfect match for you if you like garage rock to blues, to more poppy tunes and just about everthing in between.

Here's a great tab site that has pretty much all of their songs

For easier songs i would suggest Fell in Love with a Girl, Cannon, Scredriver, and Hotel Yorba.

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