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Effects Confusion

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Hi All-

I have been playing an electric guitar for nearly two years, and I have to confess I know next to nothing about the various effects available to modify the sound. I know only a couple of basic thinks, like turning up the pre-gain adds distortion, but I am totally in the dark about thinks like chorus and wah and compressors all of that other stuff and how you combine them to get different sounds. I have a peavy Stereo Chorus 130 amp with some effects available plus a Digitech multi-effects pedal with many pre-programmed combinations, most of which I condier to sound like crap because they seem to over-distort the sound, probably ok for metal but not much else.

What I would liketo have is some sourt of way to know what each different type of effect sounds like, so that I at least have a clue about what combination of effects would be right to give me a sound that I might be looking for. Are there any good guides available. For any of you who are well versed in efects and how to customize your sound, how did you develop that ability.

Haven't seen many posts on this board about this subject, si I was wondering.





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