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Elixir Strings

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Im trying to decide between elixir polyweb or nanoweb strings. Any thougths?

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Electric or Acoustic?

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One of them (polyweb?) has more of a coating on them to prevent string squeek, the other has less of a coating.

Try them both and see which one you like better.

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these are a very personal "thing".....what one person likes the next will hate.

Suggest buying a set of each and giving them your own trial and see how you get on. Make a few notes to yourself at stages, one week, two weeks, and see how you feel the strings are performing.

I have used both, and like both to be honest.



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Hi I have tried both, one set of each although on different guitars,

First set was the polyweb, sounded okay after a day of playing, they were really easy on the fingers, but they discolored really fast maybe my body chemistry, also I'm not sure if it was the coating or not but they seemed to get fuzzy like little hairs coming off them after awhile,I bought a set of Nanoweb this weekend first impression is I like the sound of the strings immedialtly, time will tell how they hold up.. I probably wont buy the polyweb again

At my lesson last night my teacher ask how much I paid for the strings, then asked if I was made of money( Im afriad cost of lessons may go up), I think my next set will be a cheaper set of strings, I think at my level of playing, one year, the biggest improvement in sound is going to come from practice not the brand of strings I purchase.

Strings dont cost that much, and what one persons hates may be just right for another so check them all out,,, Thats my plan, also I went 4mos with out changing the strings so any brand would have been an improvment, I plan on changing mine more often about every 4-6weeks.

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I use Elixir nanoweb on my acoustic. They sound great and don't shed like the polyweb as mentioned by david M1.

The cost is relative as they will last much longer then other strings.

Now on my electric I prefer black diamond coated strings or DR coated stings. Like you I can quickly turn the e and b strings black from perspiration on my fingertips, however the coated strings stop this and sound good for about 6 to 8 weeks of constant play.


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Id use polyweb any day. The tone is deeper in my opinion, sounds really good on recordings also. Its pretty much all I use for studio work.