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Favorite kind of Strings

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With countless kinds of guitar strings out there, i thought it would be interesting to hear what kind of strings the people here use (and swearby).

When you reply, please tell why you like whatever string it is (last a long time, tone, etc..)

For my electrics, i like DR's Dimebag Darrell strings in gauges 10-46. Love how they sound, they bend easily, and last pretty long(they're coated).

For my acoustic, i like the Ernie Ball Earthwound strings(don't remeber the gauges). They make my acoustic sound really warm and full and they stay in tune really well.

Looking forward to the replys.

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Zacharias Wolf

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I use Ernie Ball super slinkys but im tempted to up a guage just for a change.

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Well, the reason I use the strings I do is because I like the tone the give off, and I think they last a long time.

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