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Favourite songs for jam sessions?

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Well, it's almost that time.

Work's been stoopidly busy and I'm not even remotely prepared for this Sunday's Jam session. :shock:

However, they sent out a notice today with a song to learn for the day (Tom Petty "I won't back down"), so I'm going to give that a bash and see what happens on the day. At least I roughly know the tune for this song :roll:

I am, again, really, really nervous.
How did it go? Planning on going to the Jam Nov 13th

You didn't come along? Just as well I DIDN'T stand up and ask if "kblake" was in the house.

It was scary, scary, scary, but quickly over (only did one run through each).

Unlike last time, this time we sorta ended up in the group we stood up with. I'm not sure if that's the best plan... the first group might have all the extroverts in it!

We're having a meeting tonight to go over rehearsal times with the coach, and then on to the first rehearsal on Sunday. We have two guitarists, a bass player (same chap that was in the previous Weekend Warrior band ... I did give him the chance to swap bands :lol: ) and drummer, and me on vocals and guitar (hopefully).

I'm not a singer, but I am slightly less inept at it than guitar, so that seems to be where I end up. I hopefully will pull my finger out and get my guitar a little more up to scratch.

What I lack in talent and natural ability, I will have to make up with stubborness.

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I could not commit to the practice nights (well this is probably more of an excuse :oops: )
Good luck with it all and I'll be cheering for you in Nov, from the crowd lol..

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Looking for people to jam with in Sydney Oz.......

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