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finally reached my ...
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finally reached my guitar goals! now what?

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Hey Guys,

I haven't posted on here in a while. When I started playing guitar, my goal was to join the praise band at my church on electric guitar. That was a daunting task since there's a few thousand in our congregation.

A few months ago, my old guitar teacher (who is the lead guitar in the band) asked me to start playing acoustic every other sunday with the band. I don't really play much acoustic, but agreed. Then the band leader discovered that I play electric and has asked me to fill in when my old teacher isn't available! It's great to finally realize goals.

I'm not sure what to strive for now? Maybe just continue working on more solos.

My original band has also got some recordings made that can be heard here. Not sure what genre we fall undre

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playing becomes more enjoying. joyful.

start having fun. and, too, more doors open all the time so there will more goal setting
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Congrats on reaching your goal. Whenever you reach one goal, it's time to set another!

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thanks guy.

I definitely am having more fun and seeing more opportunities arise.

I thought of some things to work on:
-better vibrato
-vibrato while bending
-solo to a MAJOR scale as easily as I can to a minor(that will probably take the most effort)

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That's awesome!!! Congrats!!!

Time to start setting some loftier goals!! :D :D

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Excellent news and I bet a feeling of accomplishment.

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nice work! Seems like so many musicians I know and read about (such as the drummer for black eyed peas) get their start in their church band.