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Finally something t...
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Finally something to do during lunch!

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Lunch is usually wasted because I have 45 minutes to eat something1 lol I only need 5 minutes to eat so what do I udually do? Nothing. Today (Frday 9-16-04) I got to go to the chorus room and help fix the guitars! Though most are classical nylon and have the crap beated out of them and pens scratched in they realtively nice, emphasis on relatively...

Most of the guitars need a new string or so so I did that, but Some I didnt even bother because on monday ill bring in some very fine steel mesh and lemon oil for the fretboard. lol Ill take a picture if I remember but there are a few that are crusted with dirt! liTERALLY VERY GROSS. but heh, its fun to help the school and elso have fun doing it so I really like it!

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:D Its always great when you have a chance to work with something you like!

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Sounds like a worthy lunch break working on guitars and learning.