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Fingernail issues? A solution at last

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If you play fingerstyle guitar AND dislike traditional fingerpicks, you need to know about a product I recently stumbled upon. The following endorsement is unpaid.

Douglas Niedt, the guitar chair at my alma mater, provides the best introduction to Rico Guitar Nails. Briefly described, Rico gives you a temporary artificial nail, or nails, without toxic adhesives. You can put them on at the start of a practice session or gig, then take them off afterward WITHOUT ACETONE OR OTHER HARSH CHEMICALS. They are completely customize-able to fit any or all fingers.

My picking-hand thumbnail is pathetic -- chronic vertical splits down the middle -- but while I try to heal the split, my Rico "thumbnail" lets me play the way I want to without causing further damage to the natural nail, as any SuperGlue option will do. For me, Rico's product is an answered prayer. I had been building my own mutant thumbpicks out of ping pong-balls and commercial thumbpicks. Those work OK, but they still feel like a small refrigerator strapped to my hand. The Rico nails are like wearing nothing at all.

Doug spells everything out and provides links to get to Rico. It's a remarkably inexpensive solution. Buy Rico nails, and send Doug money. He is my hero.

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Thank you for this. This is just the thing I've been looking for. I've been using Alaska fingerpicks but I find them difficult to use since I barely have any nail to hold them in place.