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First time buying from a pawn shop

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We went to a pawn shop today to check out the gear there. I found a very vintage looking Harmony acoustic there. I've never owned a Harmony, so I don't know the instrument quality. I could tell by looking at it it was a real "Players guitar" The finish was worn in places, the fretboard was worn down, somebody had played this guitar quite a bit, which is a plus for me. It looks exactly like this guitar, except a different finish, and no pickguard.

It was close to 200$ with a HSC. I'm very much thinking of purchasing it. Can someone list some things to should check for, or do to it to see if its in ok condition? Anything I need to look out for? I was in a horrible rush so I never got the serial number. Thanks!

(Also in the picture, mine does not have the Brick inlays or the Master thing on the Headstock. It does say Made in USA on the Headstock though, but I don't remember what else it said)

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look for cracks first. then warpage. then wood loss; like edging. then make sure the neck joint is tight and has no gap.
then check out the tuners. bent? hold the string tight? slipping? they can be replaced. looking for mojo is hard.
see if it has any.
deduct $ from the asking price for the things that are wrong.
200 is not a bad price for a 50's Harmony in decent shape.