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Frustrated Lefty

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Right... in that case, it all depends on how far you're prepared to travel ir whether you're ready to give online buying another shot.

How bad was it last time and who was it with? If it was Regents I'll be very surprised.

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Yes Arjen, I went to the Dean site and see no more Avalanche MQL or Vendetta 1.0 and my local dealer told me no more Vendetta in lefty this year.

I saw all the new humbucker models you mentioned but no lefties. Looks like they are backing off from making lefties.

There is a Dean dealer on ebay who still has the other models in stock. I would like to have one of those Avalanche MQL's for $383 with the flamed finished top but more serious about maybe buying the Vendetta 1.0 for $269, which means I would be selling my Fender DG-10 and Jay Turser Telecaster when I get it back from the factory for a little problem with the nut and a 'proper setup'. The person who buys the tele will get a much better guitar than I got off the assembly line. The Fender is just a disappointment because I am used to playing a better quality guitar and the Fender string height is so high, it is unreasonable and unmanageable for me. The plan was to buy a cheaper acoustic to take out to lessons but I have learned that you can't go down in quality, only up. I have to use the Dean Performer SE at all times when I practice with acoustic.

If it was easy it wouldn't be worth doing.

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