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GAS Relief!

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I have been thinking about getting a cheap, retro guitar for some time now. Something that brings back the feeling & vibe of the 50s or 60s, surf music, etc.

At first I was going to try and find a Danelectro DC 59. But they aren't in production anymore (they were reissued last year but are now all gone). And the used ones prices are getting out of control on Ebay.

Then I decided on its "sister," a Danelectro Pro. Very retro - love the sound of these things! Check it out.. ="3SOSWXXA"

and hear it too...

These are also out of production, but are in less demand, so there are still some new ones around if you look hard enough. ound a dealer online after an hour of searching and bought a new black one for slightly under $300 (including shipping), which isn't bad considering they were around $250-$260 while they were still in production.

Waiting for that brown delivery truck to arrive next week!

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Congrats CFB! 8)

It seems a nice guitar. The first video is very cool! The player has a great tone!

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Dano retros are good guitars for the money. I love that retro 50s styling.
the lip stick pickups and the masonite body create a tone that is unique.
very cool.

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Wow, that sounds and looks great. Also it looks comfortable to sit with. Don't see it on the Danelectro website though.

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danos are so unique man. I love those things. A lot of guys i know who have them use them as their alt tuning guitar, when they wanna switch but i would be happy with one for any use. Kudos on the pick up dude.

Don't sweat it dude, just play!