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After a new guitar a Semi Hollow Body to complete the set as I have a Squier Vintage Modified Strat , Epiphone Les Paul Standard and a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass and thinking of trying an Aglie after all the good things you fellas have said about them..
Anybody own one of these? Reviews look good but thought I would ask here too..

$239.95 Guitar
$ 65.00 Hard Case
$227.74 Shipping
$532.69 total
Now I am in Sydney Australia and a New Epiphone Dot is

$599.00 No case


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i don't like them. their build quality is fine, i guess, but the one's i've played don't sing. maybe they need better pickups or something. i don't like those bargain guitars, anyway. it might be why you're always looking to upgrade. i have a nice g&l strat, used to have an lp before i sold it back to my brother, and i never feel like i need a better one. i know notes claims to have stopped searching after finding that parker fly. i've had a string of ordinary acoustics, though, and i'm never satisfied with those. i'd at least consider selling off my other guitars and/or saving up for a guitar i was absolutely sure i wanted.

if you do go agile, i'd consider switching out the pickups.