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getting GAS and oil...
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getting GAS and oil, too

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I dug up these sites for a friend.
spent some time checking them out.
go figure, now I have GAS.

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those necks and hardware would have to be made and tooled by (insert guitar maker god of choice) himself to be worth those prices. (imo) :roll:


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Wow, I took a look at those and thought "Those are look like neat conversation pieces that might sound kind of cool and might be fun to play around with, I wonder how much they cost?"

Then I saw the price.

Then I thought "This makes me think of those great Nigerian investment oportunities that I get word of in my email..."

They look neat, would be kind of fun, would pay maybe and I do mean maybe, 100 bucks for one to play with twice and then hang on my wall... To each his/her own though...

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DUDE! ROFL... no way in this great six string Earth would i pay that much for that! Neat though.

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Hmmm, somehow those guitars frighten me... :shock:

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Reminds me of cigar box guitars I've seen on the net. If I had more money than sense I would get me one for sure :D

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