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Gibson or Strat

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Which is better?

Big Lar
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Why not ask something simple, like which is better, Coke or Pepsi? Mac or Windows? Ford or Chevy?

They both have their strengths and weaknessess. I, like many of us I'd expect, have one of each. Sometimes I like a little Pepsi, but I sometimes like a Coke too.

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The one that is best is the one you want. You're question is flawed though because Gibson is a brand and Strat is a model of the Fender/Squire brand. There are an awful lot of electric and acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments under that Gibson name but the Strat model is a little more specific, maybe only 2 or 3 dozen variations.

There is never a best of anything or there would be only one of each thing.

Pick the guitar that speaks to you and it should work out for you.


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My first electric was a Les Paul (I guess when you say Gibson, you referred to the Les Paul model). Some time later I bought a Strat. They are different guitars with different pickups, they sound different. I like both.

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Maybe a nice way to work it is see who your favourite players are and see what they play.

Though I think really eventually it is worth owning different kinds of a guitar especially when you are talking about a Strat (single coil pickups standard) and a Gibson Les Paul (Humbuckers)

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I think it's clearly situational. When i was younger I really disliked anything with single coil pickups. I think as I got older and I branched out in my musical taste, I realized that the only way to get a "strat" sound, was from using a "strat". Although personally I completely went the other direction and ended up getting a telecaster.

I do agree Jack that the Gibson Vs. Strat question is confusing because one is a brand and the other is a model (or sub-model).

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Try both and see which one works best for you.

I'm lucky, I have a Gibson LesPaul Traditional and a Fender Tele (USA)... They both have their strengths. I don't prefer one over the other, although if standing for more than 30 minutes... the heavy Gibson will break my back lol.

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I've been playing Les Pauls for years but recently traded one of my Pauls for a Fender Custom Shop Relic Strat, i the only guitar i've played in the last 3 weeks and have grown to love it very quickly. . BUT within the band it will be a different matter, sweet child o mine on a strat would sound wrong. . as would sultans of swing on a LP.

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Simple, Strat.

'Ezra, how can you make such a biased statement given so little info?' You're all thinking. And to that I say, If you have to ask a question as unanswerable as "Strat or Gibson" you need a $300 Japanese strat not a $1700 standard. $300 worth of strat will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from the line up.

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You really just have to try. Not just the sound.... but the fit, and feel. I started out [ started out..] using a loaned strat. It was a nice guitar, and sounded better then I did... but it just didnt fit. I got a LP, and enjoy it much more!! Mostly just fitment. for me.

Paul B

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Definately Strat. lightweight, better tonal range better looking just look at the shape of a woman and there's a Strat......

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Which is better?


There is no better, only suitable tools.

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Get a Parker DF522NN (for Notes Norton) and you get a guitar that can sound much like a Strat and much like a Les Paul plus it has P90s and a piezo under the bridge too!

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Yes, or Gibson and Strat.

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I bought a Strat in September - I love it wish I could remember how to post a photo of it for you all - It is GOOOOORRRRRR GEOUS

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