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Gibson or Strat

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I'll weigh in here by saying:

For years I looked at the live Led Zeppelin videos with great awe. Being a naiive kid, I thought to myself "WOW Jimmy Page is playing all those awesome songs {referring mostly to songs from the Led Zeppelin I album} on a Gibson Les Paul, clearly this amazing guitarist favours the Gibson Les Paul for a reason, so I have GOT to get me one of those!"

Years later I found out that those iconic recordings that I fell in love with {Led Zeppelin I especially} were actually recorded with Jimmy playing a Telecaster (the lamest guitar of all - or so I thought).

In my time (I'm at the old age of 26 now!) I have had many guitars (I used to buy them, fix them, sell for a profit) and to be honest, one thing I found is that guitars can be hit and miss - and in fact the neck of the guitar is by far the most important thing. You find that guitar that has a neck that fits in your hand just right and feels comfy and looks good, you'll forget all about the body.

In the end - I went down the Fender route. I have only 3 electric guitars now, a Yamaha Pacifica, my first ever guitar - a fat strat copy, a mexican Fender strat that I bought because the neck felt amazing in my hands, and a Korean Squier Telecaster, which I kept because the neck felt great (the body is plywood).

Oh, by the way, my lowly mexican Fender strat which I paid only £200 for new (had some minor defect in the varnish) is the most comfortable guitar in my hand, and a friend of mine who plays in a band, {mostly PRS guitars (cost ££££) that have been sent to him for free}, spent 7 months begging me to sell it to him because he loved the way it felt in his hand and from what I remember his highest offer was £600, and he didn't even want the body.

TL;DR version - go to a guitar shop, and play some guitars, find one that feels right to you and buy it. BUT don't buy a guitar on your first visit. Also - go to a few shops and try out as many guitars as you can. Yes - it's going to take you all day, start early. A great place for this is Denmark Street in London, there are about a dozen guitar shops next to each other, you can just hop from shop to shop and find YOUR instrument.

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