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Goals for 2005

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God, there's so much.

Like a lot of people here, I want to improve as a player.. namely:

-Start taking learning a bit more seriously... less noodling, more research... I need to know why things work the way they do.

-continue practicing for speed / timing... I've been semi-diligent with this, and it really does pay off. Baby steps...

-get my hands on a Mesa Boogie recording preamp (or at least get to audition one)

-buy a 7 string.

-get better acquainted with the keyboard

-improve my drumming chops

Then there is all the non-music related stuff... :)

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Main goal:

-take guitar-lessons!

mainly to keep track and overcome frustration if something doesn't seem to work out well. I need that "pressure"...



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Wow, after viewing all your goals, i feel like a n00b.

here are mine

-Learn/remember all major, minor and pentatonic major and pent minor scales
-Learn more chords (i know maj, minor, 7th, minor7th sus4s a few 2s and maj7s and a some other chords here and there)
-Learn more chord types (other fingerings)
-Learn more songs (i i progressed from blink182, to metallica to classic rock to maiden currently)
-Get timings right
-Compose at least one complete song

these are already alot to do since school's reopening soon.
any tips from you experts?

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Cool post. Next year post the same thing and see what people achieved/ didn't achieve.

My goals:

1:Learn the song "No Boundries" by Michael Angelo by 2006. Not nesasarrily up to tempo, but atleast get it down from start to finish.

2:Start taking lessons with my teacher again.

3: Start and STAY DEDICATED to my self devised home lesson plan. I have tryed and failed at this many times, but I will keep trying.

4: Learn how to incorporate many different scale types into my inprovisations

5: Experiment with alternate tunings to write new material

6: Build a large repitoire of arpegggios and chords for use in improvisation.

7: Learn how to not break my first string every 3 days after putting on new strings. I currently use 11's, but clearly they are not strong enough, so I'm considering a switch to 12's. I realize my technique is to blame, but how hard I play is part of my style and it gets a good sound, so im not willing to comprimise it.

8: Join a METAL band so I can get it out of my system since I already participate in classical and jazz ensembles.

9: Improve my sight reading.

10: research requirements for applying to certain music colleges (the ones im looking at at the moment are Berklee and GIT)

11: Learn how to bias my amp myself so I don't have to pay money to have it done.

12: Learn to not look like a scarecrow when performing.

13: Play at locobazooka( rock/metal summer concert ferstival in Massachusetts)

14: Learn to keep my motions small when playing to conserve energy and facilitate the ability to play faster lines.

15:Learn the Shadows Fall song Those Who Cannot Speak, the Arsis song The Face of my innocence, and the Killswitch Engage song Take This Oath.

16: Have fun

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I'm going to play more guitar than I did this year.

I'm going to record more material than I did this year

I'm going to get me that 30W Marshall combo from my local shop so I can turn it up loud and not disturb the neighbours too much

And...I'm gonna finish decorating the house.

A :-)

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Great idea...

1. lock down the fretboard
2. write a song of my own (meaning finish - already working on one...)
3. play at an open mike night
4. simply keep improving and growing as a musician


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2005 will be my second year playing guitar and here are my goals. :D

1. Songs

A. Acoustic- Layla, Man of Constant Sorrow, The Magic Bus, Tangled up in Blue, I Shot the Sheriff, Nowhere Man, Norwegian Wood, Here Comes the Sun.

B. Electric- Iron Man, Voodoo Child, Star Spangled Banner (easy verison)

That should should give me 24 songs in all.

2. Play and work on barre chords. :twisted:
3.Write one blues song.
4.Learn lyrics to prev. songs, and start singing; or try too! :shock:
5.Work on alternate picking.
6.Make three custom sounds from my guitar processor.
7.Learn more scales!
8.Be able to change my guitar strings in under a hour! :lol:
9.Keep on helping my friend who just started playing guitar.

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-Improve my speed
-Improve the dexterity and flexibility of my fingers
-Improve tuning by ear
-Improve my sight reading
-Memorize every note on my guitar
-Lengthen the list of songs that I know
-Write some kick ass solos of my own

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Make a practice schedule and - and this bits important - stick to it!
Learn more songs all the way through
Write some songs
Play with more musicians
Generally improve my technique
and most importantly, continue to have as much fun as i had this year :)

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Hey, this is a great thread! Let me in on it. Here are my goals, in no particular order, only the order in which they come to me, only I'm not making these up as I go along; I've actually been thinking about these for a while:

1- Learn all of the song in my church folk group's repertiore.
2- Begin playing together with my friend Dave who just picked up the guitar again and expressed an interest in playing together with me. Get things together between us so that we can be playing at parties ans such.
3- Become proficient in all of the patterns of the minor pentatonic scale, and perhaps some other scales, and be able to do some basic improvisation using them.
4- Become as comfortable with the barre chord forms as I currently am with the open chord varieties.
5- Learn some basic fingerpicking techniques.
6- Improve sens of rhythm/timing, and perfect some basic strumming patterns.
7- Become familiar with effects using my amplifier and multieffects pedal.
8- Continue to practice 1 hour per day minimum six days per week.
9- Take the intermediate guitar course at the local college adult learning series. Bagin taking private lessons in June after bowling season is over.
10- Develop the ability to play and sing fluently at the same time.

I think I would call that a productive year if I could do all of that, eh?



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My goal in summer 2004 was to busk in summer 2005... this may be possible but I may need another 12 months instead of just 6.

-learn to improvise in the major scale
-learn to use mutiple positions when playing pentatonic scales
-fill any gaps in chord knowledge
-sing along at least 37% of the time during practices
-learn to play a whole bossa nova song from beginning to end (including lyrics)
-learn to play a proper slide song instead of noodling around with it
-stop by the subway and pick up a metro-gnome!
-use a pick more often! (+ learn to pick picked songs with a pick)
-buy a proper amp
-sell two of my current guitars
-acquire a 12-string
-possibly buy another guitar, not sure what
-play more with other musicians
-write 20 complete songs
-record a CD of covers and a CD of my songs

-use above skills to seduce member(s) of the opposite sex [well that *was* the original reason I started playing!]

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Well, I've taken what adds up to a six month break. :(

So my main goal is to relearn what I've forgotten.

Learn a few new things.

Start on some song writing.

It's a start.


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1. Try and round out my guitar knowledge, coming here, taking some lessons from a local classical/jazz guru, buy a book or two.

2. Get my little funk/blues band up and running, find a non-sucky drummer who is committed.

3. Develop and refine my instructional method, and get 10 beginner students signed up.

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1 Spend more quality time with my wife and daughter.
2 Then, everything you all wrote.

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Find more time to actually practice - I'm currently "at work" for 12 hours a day (actual work plus travel).
Learn to fingerpick (no, not my nose)
make 2006 in good health

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